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Why You Need to Hire a Writer to Create Content

There are a lot of options for content these days. It’s tempting to think that you can just get someone from Fiverr to write your blog posts, or that you can just do it yourself.

The fact is, an experienced writer is worth their weight in gold when it comes to creating content on the web. A background in marketing is great, but it’s not required. An experienced writer can write what you need them to write. A marketing lead can help figure that out.

But writers write.

Spelling and Grammar Matter

When you’re on the web, you’re going to see a lot of different conventions, especially when you’re on social media. You’ll see single letters replacing the words that they’re homophones for, haphazard and missing punctuation, meme phrases, and more.

But when you’re writing content for the web, you need it to be easily read by most people and you need it to look professional and expert. You need it to be well structured and valuable to your audience.

That means that you also need it to use good spelling and grammar.

Writers are the experts in how to do that. They understand structure (a variety of structures, actually), have a sharp eye for grammar and spelling, and know how to create sentences and paragraphs that flow easily.

Writers Create Compelling Content

Writers are in the business of persuasion, no matter what field they’re in.

Even (or especially) fiction writers. Think about it; a fiction writer has to convince someone to commit to 200 pages and more worth of words on an otherwise empty page. They do this by writing a title, a blurb, and a first chapter that get readers hooked as quickly and as strongly as possible.

Journalists create compelling content, and have way less space to do it than most fiction authors. They have to tune and edit and trim their writing until it fits into the space allocated for that article.

Every single writer understands how to engage and compel. They understand strong word choice versus weak word choice. They understand passive and active voice and the impact each has on their writing.

If you want someone to write content that converts, hire a writer.

Writers Understand Structure

Have you ever noticed that some pieces of writing seem to just flow? That some pieces of writing just make sense somehow?

This is due to a writer’s understanding of structure.

Writers know how to create a structure that explains the entire topic logically. We know how to separate writing into different paragraphs by topic. We know how to move from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, section to section in a way that feels comfortable and makes sense to the reader.

Well structured writing is easier to read and more convincing than poorly structured writing. Folks who have written professionally know how to create well-structured content.

Writers Know How Readers Think

Most writers aren’t going to be experts in your industry, and that’s okay.

Actually, it’s a good thing.

For most businesses on the web, your audience is going to be the consumer, not your suppliers or other managers in your industry. Explaining the ins and outs of your industry in a way that the end user can understand is so important.

Writers do things like convert technical language to simple language. They can avoid jargon. They can write about product features that are important to customers rather than to your company.

Experienced writers can target a certain reading level to make sure that people can understand the message that your company is sending out.

So the next time you’re planning content for your company’s website, close the Chat GPT window and look for a writer. I promise, we’re out there. Find one that offers the right voice (or voices) and the right experience for your brand, and send them an email.

Hiring a writer will pay dividends.


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