Originally an art student, I found that college level art curricula lacked the business education that artists need in order to succeed. I went on to publish two novels while completing my bachelor’s in business administration, and later, my MBA.

Because of this background, I’m particularly fascinated by the way that marketing and culture intersect, especially online. Culture changes quickly on the internet, and that’s what makes digital marketing interesting to me; the fast rate of change means that there are always more problems to solve, more challenges to overcome.

I am particularly interested in working with small businesses and nonprofits, either as clients or in-house. Small businesses are the engines that drive job growth, and the incubators that develop the innovations we’ll need as the nature of work and commerce continue to change. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations are also at the heart of our communities. They form out support networks and our second and third places.

I am passionate about the written word and am an accomplished writer both in long form and short form. Storytelling has a tremendous ability to change what we think and what we feel, to teach, and to connect. I am working on my third novel. I am an avid blogger, and have created keyword rich content for clients from several different industries.