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Barhopper: Making Craft Beer Even More Fun.

Company Combines a Subscription Service and Mobile App for Craft Beer Enthusiasts.

BELLINGHAM, Wash, March 21, 2018 – Barhopper, based in Bellingham, Washington, offers a subscription service for craft beer lovers. Paired with a mobile app, this service promises to make beer drinking experiences simpler, easier, and more fun for craft beer enthusiasts all over the country.

The Barhopper monthly subscription service offers discounted beers to users at participating partner breweries and taphouses from coast to coast. The service is managed through a free, feature-rich mobile app that gives the user the ability to manage their Barhopper account balance and set budget limits for a night out. Payment is made through a cashless, cardless system that will streamline the purchase process, making wait times shorter for consumers and increasing the potential service volume for participating breweries. The subscription service comes in three different price tiers to fit most appetites and budgets.

Barhopper has already teamed up with pilot breweries in eight states across the nation, including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, Wyoming, and Washington, and expects to expand into new markets soon.

“We’re very excited about this service,” said Allison Drennan, marketing manager for the fledgling firm. “We’re big fans of the craft brewing industry, and we view this as a complementary service that will help level the playing field between small craft breweries and local taphouses and the big industrial brewers. The opportunity to make craft beer more accessible to people who might not have explored it in the past is a nice plus.”

The subscription service comes with a mobile app that provides access to the budgeting and account management features as well as the cashless payments. The app also provides rich social sharing features, including integrated photo sharing to Instagram as well as Facebook and Snapchat, and augmented reality bar games to play with friends or strangers.

The company is interested in adding new features as the app becomes more established.

About Barhopper

Founded in 2018, the Bellingham, Washington based company is dedicated to providing excellent experiences for craft beer enthusiasts across the nation, using digital innovation and passion for local artisanal beer.