Published Fiction.

A Guide to a Happier Life: A Self-Help Novel.

Elizabeth Kohen, a young journalist trapped in a dead end job, takes on an assignment that she thinks could be the story of a lifetime. Desperate for a sense of professional fulfilment, she flies to New Mexico to meet a man who vanished decades ago. Raymond Kowalski was an internationally renowned artist, loved and loathed by thousands, until he orchestrated his own disappearance. Now he’s an aging squatter in New Mexico’s back country, with no family, friends, or legal identity. In Elizabeth, he sees an opportunity that he can’t resist; the chance to be the author of his own legacy.

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The Taste of Ashes.


Ray Kowalski is young, living hand-to-mouth, and earning a meager living drawing portraits for tourists on the streets of New York City. He is content, unambitious. But when Peter Sellers, art dealer and agent, shows up in his gleaming black town car, promising not just wealth but influence an notoriety, Ray’s suspicion of commercial success is tested. Can he pursue artistic acclaim without becoming everything he despises?

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