So I wanted to post an update regarding the Shanghai trip.

And I’ll give you the bad news first.

The Shanghai trip has been cancelled.

The faculty in charge of the trip say that they couldn’t in good conscience risk exposing us to the Wuhan coronavirus.

I am on a drug that suppresses my immune system, so I’ll admit the virus has been a concern for me, but I decided that if the university faculty decided that it was safe, I would still go. 

They have decided it is not safe enough.

But. And here’s the good news. Maybe.

They’re saying now that they may move the trip to a university in southern Taiwan. 

This is not a sure thing; they are gauging interest to see if it’s worth making arrangements. If we don’t have enough people willing to go on the trip, it won’t happen. Some members of my cohort already sound like they’re dropping out of the trip, so it’s a big question mark right now.

I really hope the trip goes ahead, though. Taiwan is a beautiful and culturally complex place, and I would love the chance to experience it. 

Also it’s warm and I’m very tired of the Northwest winter.

If the trip doesn’t go ahead, I’ll be offering refunds to all donors to the trip fund.

If the Taiwan trip goes ahead, I’ll still offer refunds in case any of my donors are uncomfortable with the change in location.

I feel that going to Taiwan will accomplish the same educational and personal development goals that I had for Shanghai, and if it happens, I’ll be really excited to go. I’ve never been to Taiwan.

That’s the update. Bad news, followed by possible good news. I’ll keep everyone updated as the situation develops.

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